Max-Flo Factory Pink 5-Hose Carb Vent Hose Kit

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We finally did it! This is our "Factory Kit". Our new hose is a perfect factory match.. Same Size, Color and Material. There is no need to pay inflated dealer prices for vent hose tubing. Our hoses are great accent to any carb rebuild. You will not find a better hose fitment & quality! This item is MAX-FLO OEM FACTORY PINK 10' FT UNCUT or 5-HOSE PRECUT FACTORY KIT.  

☆ Beware ☆

Most of the aftermarket hoses you will find on the market are 1/8" ID. This is the wrong size.. they are too small, extremely difficult to install, and could rip over time! Our MAX-FLO HOSES are the correct size.

Hi-Gloss FACTORY Transparent Pink - High Quality Poly Tubing

  • Compatible with Keihin/Mikuni carburetors. This kit usually fits other carburetors requiring 5 hoses but please check compatibility with the manufacturer before ordering.

  • THIS IS AN EXACT FIT = OEM Size - OEM Material - OEM Color | High-quality poly hose - 4mm X 7mm 
  • Available in 10' UNCUT to cut your preferred lengths or 5 HOSES PRE-CUT FACTORY KIT slightly longer than factory length to eliminate any guess work and allowing you the option to route the hoses to your preference (Enough hose for any 2-stroke or 4-stroke carb requiring 5 vent hoses). Hoses may require trimming after reinstalling the carb on your bike.

  • The 10' feet uncut kit includes the heat shrink and two zip ties

  • The 5-Hose Precut Factory Kit includes the heat shrink already installed on the top hoop and two zip ties
  • Some carburetors use a smaller 1/8" ID bowl drain.  We have these available. If requested for the 10' Uncut kit, you will receive 9' (nine feet) of regular ID hose and 14" (14 inches) of 1/8" ID hose. If requested for the 5-Hose Kit, you will receive 4 (four) regular ID hoses and 14" (fourteen inches) of 1/8" ID hose. Please choose the 1/8" ID option when ordering.
  • Sun/UV, Kink, Oil and Fuel Resistant

  • Clamps are not included. 

  • Carburetor (not included) is for demonstration/example purposes only.

  • **We no longer offer "GENUINE OEM" pink hose. We used to buy directly from the same distributor as Keihin/Mikuni. It takes too long to get and is more expensive... Ours is the same, if not better quality than factory without the cost!**